FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful information about your stay at the Ayurveda Centre Nilaveli

What is the ideal duration of an Ayurvedic cure?

We recommend a stay of at least 14 days. Shorter stays are rather suitable for relaxation and well-being. For deeper health benefits a stay of three to four weeks is ideal. This cure form is less compressed and enables a deep cleansing. For guests with health problems we recommend a stay of at least four weeks. Improvements in well-being are not always experienced in its full extent at the end of the Ayurvedic cure, but often during the weeks following three to four weeks.


For which complaints is an Ayurveda cure recommended?

Generally, for all chronic physical and mental illnesses, exhaustion and for the general prevention of illnesses. As each cure is individually planned and coordinated, specific health disorders can be addressed in an appropriate manner.


What quality can I expect in the Ayurveda Centre Nilaveli?

We attach particular importance to the individual coordination of Ayurvedic treatments for each individual guest. They

correspond to a high-quality standard and are labor-intensive. For certain treatments, two therapists are working simultaneously. All treatments are performed under medical supervision. A medical on-call service is permanently guaranteed; also at night, on public holidays and on weekends. Our oils are of high quality and most of the herbal oils are made by ourselves, with great care and according to traditional ayurvedic recipes. The medicines are obtained from a state-certified company in Sri Lanka.


How many treatments do I have during my treatment?

The daily treatments last between two and three hours and are spread over the morning and afternoon. The choice and frequency of treatments are determined individually by the physicians and can change constantly during the course of treatment.


How is the diet?

The diet consists of light and varied vegetarian meals for all guests. We offer a tasty Ayurvedic full board made from fresh local ingredients. You get three meals a day as well as hot water and ayurvedic teas. Food allergies are taken into consideration. The composition of meals can vary individually, according to the instructions of the doctors.


What can you do at home to prepare for the cure?

It is recommended to eat only light, vegetarian foods for four to five days before the start, and to avoid cheese and eggs. Drink about 2 liters of herbal tea (e.g. ginger tea) daily or warm water for about 10 minutes. If you do not live too far away, we recommend a consultation in our Treatment house in Berne (Switzerland).


What clothes should I bring for my cure?

Lightweight, easy to wash summer clothing made of natural fibers (cotton, linen) is ideal. Due to the different oil applications, stains on bright clothing can occur (laundry service possible). We recommend taking additional old bathing trunks / underpants for oil applications, as well as a headscarf as wind and sun protection for Treatments on the head (Shirodara).


What clothing is appropriate during and after the treatments?

You will receive a personal bathrobe, which you can wear for the treatments.


Does my Swiss health insurance pay for the Ayurvedic cure?

The medical services in Sri Lanka are not covered by Swiss health insurance. Ayurvedic therapies in Switzerland can be

billed to EMR / ASCA registered therapists via the supplementary insurance.


Which language is spoken in the Ayurveda Centre Nilaveli?

Our therapists are from the region and speak Tamil and a few words of English. Our doctors speak English. 


Are there any air-conditioned bungalows?

No. During an Ayurvedic cure the body is over and over again treated with heat, namely by massaging with warm oils, sweat cures and hot food and drinks. The purging and detoxifying effect of these measures would be prevented by staying in cooled down rooms. Therefore, air-conditioning was deliberately omitted in the Ayurvedic Centre Nilaveli.


How are the bungalows equipped?

The ten spacious bungalows have their own terrace and a large private outdoor shower area and offer a lot of privacy. TV and air conditioning were deliberately omitted. All bungalows are equipped with fans, mosquito nets and a safe.


How far is it to the beach of Nilaveli?

About fifteen minutes by foot or five minutes by bike from the Ayurveda Centre is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. The 4 km long, wide and gently sloping sandy beach "Nilaveli Beach".


Is there a library?

There are a few books available to guests. We recommend that you bring your favourite reading from home.


Is there an internet connection in the Ayurveda Centre Nilaveli?

At the reception and in the dining area, free wifi is available for all guests.

Travel Tips

How is the climate in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a year-round destination with a tropical monsoon climate. The temperatures in Sri Lanka are high and vary little throughout the year. The highest temperatures occur on the east coast from March to June. The warm and humid climate is particularly suitable for an Ayurvedic cure. The pores of the skin can open optimally. As a result, the Ayurvedic herbal oils penetrate particularly well and deeply and the cleansing effect is deepened. The temperature difference to Europe is lower in summer, so the body can adapt more easily.


Do I need a visa?

Citizens of Switzerland, Austria and Germany need a passport, valid for at least 6 months and a visa to enter Sri Lanka. More detailed information is available at: http://www.eta.gov.lk/slvisa.


How do I get from the airport to the Ayurveda centre?

On request, we can organize your private transfer to the Ayurveda Centre. A driver will pick you up at the Colombo airport and drive you directly to the Ayurveda Centre in an air-conditioned vehicle. Depending on the time of day and traffic, the

journey takes between four to five hours.


Where can I change money? How can I pay?

Swiss francs, Euros or US dollars can be changed at the airport or in exchange offices and banks in Trincomalee (about 30 minutes’ drive). An ATM can be found in Trincomalee. Euro checks are not accepted in Sri Lanka. The Ayurveda Centre

accepts credit cards.



Should I get vaccinated before my trip?

In regard to Benefits, as well as risks and side effects of vaccinations, strongly diverging opinions exist. Official information on vaccination recommendations can be found for example via the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health FOPH or a

consultation with a (tropical) doctor. Since vaccinations can generally cause temporary or permanent side effects, it is advisable to educate oneself well in advanced about the potential risks. Particularly, if there are already existing health complaints. We recommend that you take an informed and self-responsible decision regarding vaccination. Regardless of vaccinations, it is important to be mindful of clean water and food sources on your journey and to avoid direct contact with animals. In the case of injuries, proper wound care is very important.