Panchakarma, treatments, room rates

Ayurveda therapy with accomodation in the Ayurveda health center:

  • 140 CHF person/ day when occupying the bungalow with 1 person
  • 220 CHF day when occupying the bungalow with 2 persons
  • 130 CHF Person / day when occupying the bungalow with 1 Person (from 4 weeks)
  • 190 CHF day when occupying the bungalow with 2 persons (from 4 weeks)

Ask for our special prices for longer stays for rehabilitation after illness/accident ecc.


The following is included in the prices: 

  • Accommodation: in a stand-alone bungalow with private terrace;
  • Free use of the spacious garden area with swimming pool, free access to the yoga shala (when no classes are taking place);
  • Vegetarian-Ayurvedic meals (full board): breakfast, lunch, dinner on the basis of Tridosha;
  • Ayurvedic treatments tailored to the personal constitution according to your medical condition: about 2 to 3 hours daily, divided between morning and afternoon (according to your treatment plan);
  • Medical care by our doctors: consultations, information about the treatments, medication, nutrition;
  • Ayurvedic medicines: herbs, tinctures, juices prescribed by our doctors;
  • Yoga and meditation: 3 times a week.

Not included is the Transfer from Colombo to Nilaveli and back, as well as the flight from Europe to Sri Lanka (can be organized on request for guests).



Ayurvedic treatments for guests who want to get in touch with Ayurveda during their stay in the Trincomalee area:
  • 60 min. head - face - full body-massage (Abhyanga): 35 USD;
  • 60 min. head - face - full body-massage (Abhyanga) with herbal-steam-bath (Svedana): 45 USD;
  • 90 min.  head - face - full body-massage (Abhyanga): 50 USD;
  • 90 min. head - face - full body-massage (Abhyanga) with herbal-steam-bath (Svedana): 60 USD;
  • 60 min. herbal-stamp-massage (Pinda Sveda): 55 USD
  • 10 min. herbal-steam-bath (Svedana): 15 USD;
  • 60 min. oil/decoction bath for head (Shirodhara): 45 USD;
  • 90 Min. traditional full body massage which is done with the feet (Chavutti Thirumal): 70 USD;
  • 45 Min. herbal face treatment (Mukhalepam): 35 USD;
  • flower bath with essential oils (traditionally done in Sri Lanka after a panchakarma therapy): 40 USD;
  • 40 min. medical examination;  the doctor decides which treatment is most suitable for you based on your personal constitution and state of health: 35 USD
  • One day Ayurveda-package with head - face - full body-massage (Abhyanga), herbal-steam-bath (Svedana), lunch (vegetarian-ayurvedic meal): 95 USD
  • One day Ayurveda-beauty-package with oil massage, facial peeling, facial mask, lunch (vegetarian-ayurvedic meal): 85 USD
  • Yoga and meditation for beginners and advanced praticioners: 10 USD
  • Vegetarian-ayurvedic lunch or dinner: 10 USD