Get involved in your individual treatment

Attention and reflection are of great importance for an Ayurvedic treatment: relax, turn inwards and rediscover your inner self. Ayurveda focuses on the triggers of complaints and discomfort and how they can be influenced in a health-promoting way - this requires time and attention. It is all the more refreshing to gently find your way back to equilibrium. Look forward to intensive and lasting effects!


Empathetic and loving people accompany and support your way into a suitable balance. While some Ayurvedic practices and procedures may initially seem strange, such as drinking ghee (clarified butter) - behind it is always the doctors or therapists desire to help you for the good. Do not be surprised if you come into deepened contact with yourself during your treatment; perhaps you will also discover unknown pages. Many people become more sensitive, as they begin to perceive what they may have perceived less in their everyday life. It is ultimately desirable – even if not always pleasant - if such aspects attract attention.


In short: An Ayurvedic treatment goes deeper than a massage in a "spa". Our staff will gladly support you in processing your experiences.