I, Robert Thevarajah, grew up in Sri Lanka in an Ayurveda family. Ayurvedic practice and theory have shaped me since I was a child and so I developed the desire to pass on this philosophy. I studied traditional Ayurvedic medicine in Colombo and graduated from the Ayurveda Institute in Sri Lanka with a diploma (MDTM). I have been living and working in Switzerland with my own Ayurveda Health Center for over 25 years.


After almost 30 years of war and the tsunami on the north-east coast of Sri Lanka, I built the first authentic Ayurveda center in the region. For our guests from Europe, we have designed the price policy for an Ayurveda cure so that Ayurveda is accessible to everyone. It is particularly important to me to create jobs for people from the surrounding area and thereby strengthen this region. Our employees live near the center and we enable them to generate an income with which they can provide their families. Our team looks forward to accompanying you on your way to more wellbeing.

The main contact person for all physical and mental-spiritual concerns is the doctor. All our doctors went through academic studies of about 5½ years and graduated with the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine B.A.M.S. Ayurvedic doctors, known as Vaidyas, enjoy a high reputation in Sri Lankan society. Our doctors know the needs and expectations of guests from Europe and speak English. We recommend that you follow their instructions, even if they do not always seem comprehensible to you. Feel free to ask questions, they are answered with pleasure.


Prasanga Karunarathna (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine B.A.M.S.) uses his well-founded knowledge gained as a doctor during several years of study. He knows the Needs of the guests from Europe and cares for our guests with a lot of empathy during the whole stay.



Our therapists live with their families near the Ayurveda Health Center. Besides their mother tongue Tamil, they speak a little bit of English and know how to interact with European guests. They are well educated about the Ayurvedic tradition and practice and carry out the treatments prescribed by the doctors. Continuous training promotes quality and personal development.